Entry #1

My First News Post!

2011-01-29 11:14:07 by Scorchfrost

Hi, everyone, though I've been around Newgrounds a while, I haven't ever made a news post (I'm only really active on fighunter.com and kongregate.com). Well, the demo of my newest game has been released at my site, www.thegamekids.net! It's called The Story of Tim Martus, and it's better than anything I've ever made before (don't even look at Cooperation, I'm embarrassed about that game now!

Anyways, I work with Shadowgokustar (he's an artist, and he has a profile here on Newgrounds too!) and SylarJr, both good friends of mine. They draw the art for the games I program.

So visit my site and have fun!


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2011-01-29 22:42:04

ok cool man

Scorchfrost responds:

Thanks :)


2011-06-17 02:13:18

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